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July 23 - 31 2009
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Wizards, Magic
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The Wizard Party of 2009 was one of the most popular parties in Fantage. Celebrating the return of Orion, who had been traveling, this event took place on July 23rd to July 31st, 2009. Some items featured in the event were later sold in Oasis Bazaar.


After returning from traveling, Orion returns with two other wizards, whose names were Jenneva and Rokk, who all give away party items that would be remembered to this day.


Fantage Wizard Party 2009


The free-for-everyone party gifts are the Hexed Wand, the Hexed Cape, and the Hexed Cap. The cap does not have any effect, but the wand does magic with every action, and the cape changes color when the player waves. To receive the items, players would have to talk to either Orion (Wizard's Domain), Rokk (Forest), and Jenneva (Castle). Each wizard gave the player two questions, and one of the accessories/clothing if the answers to them were correct.

During this event, a new home was also made available for purchase to Premium Members. This home was specifically built for the event and is one of the rarest homes to obtain to this very day. It was a noticibly deep blue colored room. On the finale of the event, two animated hoverbat boards were released as very rare items in Wizard's Domain.


YouTube Contest

A YouTube contest was held just for this event for those who uploaded a video about this event. The video had to be titled "Fantage Wizard Party". The winners of the contest were announced on August 7th, 2009, and were based on how many views the video got. The winners of this contest are:

  • 1st place: smokin_man
  • 2nd place: boogieramon, xpenny11x
  • 3rd place: civic_princess, newman1000, itskayomg, haley853, nic418280, bluedove2897, angeliquebui, elainebui


  • The Oasis Bazaar had all three of the party items on their stock, but only the Hexed Wand was left for everyone to buy. The Hexed Cap and Hexed Cape were only purchasable by Premium Members, something unlike the actual event.
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