The Wizard's Domain is located in the Forest, beside the Grotto.


Wizard's Domain

The Domain takes on a fox like look to it, and moves its paws when you hover your mouse over them. The Wizard (a.k.a. Orion) is inside of the domain. On April 22 2014, Wizards Domain was joined into the Forest.

Games originated in This Area

The games that can be played at the Wizard's Domain are located to either side of the it. To the left is Staries and bullseye, and to the right is Candy Swap. You can earn gems from playing these two games.

About Beta

Here is a preview of the original Wizard's Domain, leaked in the Official Fantage Blog by Himani.


As you can see, she says "Forest", when you can recognize it as the Wizard's Domain. This was the original concept of the Forest, but was scrapped and was instead used for Wizard's Domain, a new part of the Forest.

The Wizard Orion & Gems:

If you take three gems to the Wizard inside the domain, he will reward you with various rare items. You can get rare, very rare, ultra rare, legandary, mythical,or even otherwordly items! If you are a premium member on Fantage you can get all of the different types of items. For non-premium members you can get common items only. You can earn gems by playing games inside the Forest and Wizard's Domain (Staries, Magic Pop, Candy Swap, Bullseye , Secret Adventure and Bubble Bug). Then use different gem combinations  to get special rare items. The gems used by non-members to get rare items are two blue gems and either a green gem or red gem, or three blue gems.

Other Languages

  • Spanish: ¡Objetos Raros de Orión! (Orion's Rare Objects)
  • Japanese: WIZARDS DOMAIN まほうつかいのいえ (Uizado no domein maho tsukai no ie, Wizard's Domain Magic House)