Who Broke Top Models? is the first fantage mission made in the mission center.

It was made before top models was fully open.

Walk through 

1.To start the mission, you have to go to the mission center.

2.When you are there, you log in and choose the "Who broke the Top Models?" mission.

Mission centre in uptown.

The right hand side there is a girl

3.Then talk to officer russel in front of the Top Models area.

4.Talk to him and try to help him to find a clue.(which is a rock inside the Top Models room)

5.Once you have found it , talk to him back and you will have to find another clue.Once you have talked to him go to the Orion's rare finds and there will be a  girl and talk to her.

6.You’ll need a blue mushroom, a yellow flower, and a pink coconut.

The girl.png

The blue mushroom is in the Creature Arena.(On the side of the Creature Shop)                        The yellow flower is at the Carnival. (Right in front of Putt Putt Revolution)                                     The pink coconut is at the Beach. (To the left of the Fish Fish sign)                                                 Once you have found them, go back to the Wizard Lady and talk to her.

7.Go to the Grotto. Click the Gnome. He will escape. 

8.Get back to the girl and talk about helping me again.Then talk about the pumkin pie and the punch.

9.Go to the Star cafe in downtown and get the pumkin pie in the counter.The punch is near the lifeguard.Then go back to the wizard girl. Plan on trapping him with a net.

The lifeguard.png

The net.png

10.Go to the Creature Arena and enter the Shop. Click the net.Go back to the wizard girl.

11.Once you have talked to the girl go to the forest and you will see the gnome trapped. Talk to the wizard girl again and talk about the net etc. 

12.Go to Officer russel and talk to him. :) Congratulations you have finished the mission!

:) Thanks to this girl  I had got my old memory back XD (i forgot how to do the mission!) also rember to try your best on this becase it can get tricky oh HAVE FUN PLAYING IT!

The medal.png

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