Tryouts are hosted by fantage players (mostly in Full Servers) and they usually try to get people to come to their house (in Fantage) for something like a party, movie, family, fashion show, find the wuhn, hangout, HSD, cafe, daycare, adoption center, or whatever comes to their minds.


Also... IT WAS ONLY MOSTLY PROMOTED IN DOWNTOWN (maybe because it was bigger than Uptown or had more people in a full server?)

Meanings Behind Certain Tryouts:

Find The Wuhn/Bae: Wuhn/Wun/Whun means Lover in Fantage. So yes, a Find the lover tryouts. You're supposed to go to the host's house and find the perfect lover there. A Kids game with dating?!

Party/Hangout: Just to go to their place and hangout with them or your friends (usually some are hosting a party so they come to Downtown to promote!)

BFF: Find your BFF! Which lowkey sounds weird because to make a BFF, you guys have to both TRUST each other and RESPECT each other. That takes some time to do.

Fashion Show: Just a fashion show at their House instead of at Top Models


Adoption Centers: Adopt a Fantagian! Let them become your kids lol.

Family: Find your perfect family

Movie: tryout for a movie that may or may not be posted to YouTube

Daycare: they'll take care of you

Cafe: (not common after 2016), go to house to RP in a Cafe setting

Prom: (not common) host their own prom party at their house/promoting to get people to join the party

Everything: Saw this on a Fantage Meme, I guess they do every tryout


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