Trade N Sell


Shop Type
User operated
October 2012

Trade N Sell was a trading shop located Uptown. It was usually crowded, sometimes even in the lowest servers. Vintage Classics Shop was replaced by this shop, created in early October 2012.


At Trade N Sell, users could buy, sell, or trade an items.

Buying an Item

You could buy a Hair, Top, Bottom, Costume, Shoes, Board, Accessory, Furniture, Home, Pet, or Moodie. You can buy anything being sold as long you had the required funds.

Selling an Item

In Trade N Sell, users could sell their items to other users and set the price. Some of the item tax would go to Fantage, and there was a fee of 10 eCoins. Non members could only trade items purchased with eCoins

Trading an Item

A new feature introduced in Trade N Sell was the ability to Trade items with users. You could offer items to users for the item that was up for trade, and put your own items up for trade for users to offer items. You could trade up to 3 items when trading with another player.


Closing notice

On November 7, 2013, Trade N Sell was officially closed and replaced with Vintage Gold. During the day of the shops closure, In high servers, some users were wearing red in protest to the shops removal, while others wore yellow to welcome the new shop. After Trade N' Sell was replaced, Fantage offered an optional full Star/eCoin refund on purchases made in Trade N' Sell. The refund was limited to 10 items. This offer was made available on December 11th, and lasted till the the Eighteenth.

Reasons for Closing

The shop was believed to be closed due to scamming going on when trading items. Many users were quitting due to people overusing, and abusing the shops features. Fantage also got a lot of complaints due to this shop, which eventually led to the Trade n' sell being completely replaced. 


  • Because of how many people used Trade n Sell, it was considered the most popular store in Fantage.
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