Theawesomediva a Fantage YouTuber famous for her Fantage videos and Fantage movies. Her fantage username is Tikicat16. This article talks explains her YouTube account.



Who she is
A YouTuber who makes these drama videos of her own imagination. Her videos attract many girls.
Diva, Maddy, Mac, Elizabeth, Chloe, Lilly
Diva, Mac, Maddy
Antagonists(kind of)
Elizabeth, Chloe, Lilly
How she makes videos
She uses the Windows Paint program. For more info, look at How to Make Your Own Fantage Movie by Theawesomediva.
How she gets them on video
Using Screencast-O-Matic when she's not making drama videos.

Her Movies

It is said in the comments of her videos that girls love her movies so much, this person even made 3 videos on 'how to make your own movies'.

She has 3 series so far-- 'Captured Love', 'The Date' , and '1 love 1 lost'.

The Date is the only movie with 3 seasons. It's the most popular as well. Theawesomediva LOVES making videos for her fans. If you request it, she'll do it. She almost always replies to her fans comments.

Her series 'Time Swap' will be aired March 3rd, 2012.

Characters in 1 of her series

She has simple characters in most of her 'bestselling' movies:

  • Diva: She is very "cute," according to Mac. She is very timid at the worst times. Unfortunately, Diva isn't your average "Fantagian teenager"- she is very shy and she spills a lot of secrets to Mac as if they knew each other as best friends since childhood. She hates when Lilly acts rude. She and Maddy hate Jesse.
  • Maddy: Diva's sister. She has nice brown hair that almost every Fantagian should have. She's in love with someone I don't even know. She looks quite similar to Diva(Her eyes and her skin are the same.) She and Diva hate Jesse.
  • Mac: Diva's boyfriend. I guess he found love at first sight before but thought Diva was cuter. He is very timid, like Diva, but he is very strong around other people, like Lilly and Elizabeth.
  • Elizabeth: Mac's ex-girlfriend. She moved to the city, but she was very angry once she saw Diva and Lilly. She looks more similar to Diva than Maddy does. (She has the same hair/haircut. same eyes, and same skin.)
  • Chloe: She is Elizabeth's sister. Very shy but very wise at times without Elizabeth noticing. She once made a notification that she, Diva and her sister all had the same haircut. Lilly then got onto Diva.
  • Lilly: She really likes Mac. She plans revenge on Diva so Mac won't fall in love with her. She's bossy and short tempered. She once got onto Diva for having the same haircut as Chloe and Elizabeth.

Her Fantage account

Her Fantage user is Tikicat16. The only 3 servers you can find her is at Gray Owl, Indigo Fox, and Orange Monkey. She is VERY friendly. She accepts ALMOST every buddy request and doesn't delete her buddies. She ONLY deletes you if you've never talked to her. I heard she has around 180 buddies. She's currently going out with Edward103 (On fantage). She is a Non on level 69

Tikicat16 is SUPER nice and she DOES NOT care if you pose as her. Normally she's on during 10 am (Central time). Tikicat16 stays on for about 15 minutes and logs off.