Not to be confused with The Beach.

The Island


May 2013
Local Character(s)

The Island is a Fantage styled island originally made to resemble the real-life island Bahamas. It was made on May 2013 and introduced many summer beach stuff to Fantage while it was made. This place also introduced Ellie to Fantage.


On the Map, the Island itself is jellybean shaped, lined with whitish 'sand', and filled in with green trees and bushes. On the right side, you can see a boardwalk, represented by a tannish plank. The place is U shaped and bright pink, with hints of turquoise. There are blue windows and doors.

Once on the island, you will see that there are many more places besides the resort (the only attraction shown on the map). There is a spa, High Tide, and the Underwater Tunnel, as well as treasure hunters.

There are three games. The first is Slide n Splash, located next to the resort. It is represented by a slide. The next is Totally Tubular. It is a game where you can buy bonus powerups. And the last one is Treasure Hunters. It was a game where you chipped off blocks of dirt, but now it is unplayable due to the fact that they 'hit a patch of rotten bananas'. There were items you could get from this, such as a medal, eCoins, and clothing items (shoes, outfit, etc.)

What can I do there?

The island as it appears on the map

You can have fun with the many games here. There's lots to do here if you are waiting for some fun in the sun (if you don't like the beach). You can also collect shells, or go shopping at High Tide, or go play Treasure Hunters.

picture of the island


Tropical Tangrams

Your average tangram game with a tropical twist.

Totally Tubular

A tube game similar to Club Penguin's Ballistic Biscuit.

Top Models Inc. Fashion Show Beach Edition

Your favorite fashion Fantage game with a beach twist! NOTE: As of 2014, the Beach Fashion Show was relocated to Top Models Inc. in Downtown.

Places Located

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