The Admin Rules

This is the page for the Admin Rules. This is for the Admins, and will help them on better later. This will include warnings, how to be an admin, and more. Note that this page is NOT for those who want to be an admin in This page is for those who want to be an admin on The Fantage Wiki!.

The Basic Rules

1. You need to have made at least 100 edits. There are currently 2 admins who had made 100 edits. The other ones were picked for adminship because, they are good at code (see this admin), they know a lot about Fantage, and more! Please contact ShinyStarriNite and なるほど if you think you may qualify for an admin for making 100 edits.

2. You must be active. We need to be active to do the rollback inappropriate edits, to welcome new contributers, and more.

3. You must have made a request. If you really are interested in being an admin, then please make an request on this page. Before publishing, make sure you start with a heading in Heading 3 and ending your request with your signature or your Wikia username so we can contact you via your talk page immediately.

What Not to do when you are an admin:

1. Be mean to others. That is not what an admin is for. You are still like the others, so you must still follow the basic rules. Being an admin doesn't change that, and it also doesn't mean that you're necessarily in charge of the wiki. (it means being another helper).