This is the Policies.

This will include some warnings, cautions, and what you can't do on this wiki.

We (The Admins) advise you to pay attention to this.

Before You Contribute To this wiki:

Sign in. If you do want to be an admin, please contact one of the existing Admins. You must have at least 100 edits on this wiki to be considered.

Absolutely No vandalism.

No spamming/scams on this wiki. It will not be tolerated

Please note that the admins of this Wikia are not administrators for Fantage.com, and we cannot help you with problems involving Fantage itself, only this Wiki.


We block users that do/are the following:

  • Scam/Spam/Scammers/Spammers
  • Vandal People
  • People that fail to follow the rules.
  • People that offend that admins.

Basic Rules

Be friendly and helpful. We don't like hearing reports of people being rude.

Don't offend the admins. If you do, you may recieve a temporary ban. 

Make sure your page is Fantage-Related. Artices that are not related to fantage, are considered scam. Also; do not add unrelated pictures to the Wiki.

Never post private information. It can go be shared on websites, and can be revealed on the WWW(World Wide Web). We do not want our contributers to be kidnapped. Do not do that, please. Examples are: 510 Granite Street, 000-000-000, Haii I'm Katie I'm 15 I live in Florida, and Miami,FL. That info can get info all over the web.

Before creating a page on the wiki:

It cannot be scam/spam. We will delete the page, and you may be blocked

It has to be about Fantage. If it is not related, it's going to be deleted, and may get you blocked depending on content.

What information should be added? When creating a page about something on Fantage, describe the topic and add information on it. but please do not create pages and put your personal opinions on it, instead you can create a blog post and put it on there.

Creating User Pages

This Wiki recently disallowed free creation of User pages for unnoteworthy Users. If you wish to add a noteworthy User, please follow these guidelines:

  • Be informative. Please add useful information about the user, because the Admins can't always add such information theirselves.
  • What should be added? Include the Users level, a detailed summary, a photo. Also state if they are a Premium member or not.
  • What should not be added? Personal information, or Opinionated information. (Example: user123 is the coolest user on Fantage)
  • Don't be too short. The user page should always be enough so that people will be able to learn about the user.

Be sure to see here for more information on this topic.

Contact the Admins

If you have any questions or would like help on the Wiki, please contact one of our Admins:

  1. ♥♥FantageJapanRules♥♥
  2. ♫♫Cicifox♫♫
  3. なるほど
  4. ☺☺Alupe99a☺☺
  5. ☮☮~BeautifulNightmare~☮☮
  6. Kiwihle
  7. Jewelfan24

Contact is required when it is important.

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