The Carnival is a place in Fantage where users can play games. After the Fantage Cataclysm, the Carnival is now a small place where users can play at the Retro Arcade and play Card Quest.

What it's known for

  • The fun games and arcade games. There's so many!
  • There's also a Double Star Coupon place near the Rocket Board game. If you were here before, you also saw a Moodie place near that Double Coupon place.
  • Old missions were here, in order to continue them. They are "Missing Bear Cub" and "Who Broke Top Models?"
  • Certain Halloween games were here, of course.
  • During 2009, there was an easter egg where clicking on a nearby fire hydrant would allow the player to move their avatar inside an ice-cream-shaped hut known as the VIP Ice Cream Shop.

The VIP Ice Cream Shop with a Fantagian inside it.


The new carnival since April of 2014


Similar to a certain racing game on the Internet, race to the goal in time and avoid any distracting slowpokes.

Putt-Putt Revolution

It's a whole new type of golf!

Rocket Board

Ride a board on a roller-coaster and avoid crazy obstacles.

Pearly Pop

Everyone's favorite bubbe popping game is right here! Found in the Arcade Tent.

Bricks Breaking

Break some bricks! (More like blocks.) This game was removed after the Fantage Cataclysm.

Galaxy Hero

Save the world by destroying weird space aliens.


Smash talking veggies with your hammer!

Buzzer Beater

One minuet to get as many free shots in the net as possible basketball!

Bobo Fish

Moved here along with many others, this one from the Creature Area a fun game for trying to catch as many fish as you can.

  • EDITORS NEEDED the other games are coming soon along with pages for all individual games.

What was found in the missions?

Who Broke Top Models? : Yellow Flowers

Missing Bear Cub : The Jester with a key, play Simon Says with her to get the key.

Other Languages

  • Spanish: La Feria (The Fair)
  • Japanese: ゆうえんち (Yu en chi, Amusement Park)
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