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This mission was probably made in 2009. If you are a Premium Member, halfway through the mission, the game to fix the parts will give you a free board to keep. You must get a certain score to get the item. You get the medal and level up, of course!


1. Watch the mini-video. Then go to the Beach as directed. The strange visitor is a alien. He will talk in a weird language, but he will zap you so you understand him.

2. Look around the Beach and get the missing parts for his spaceship. He will thank you, and then you'll watch another short video. The spaceship will now be in the Secret Agent Headquarters, which you'll be there, actually.

3. Talk to the boy scientist. Then talk to the alien to play the game. You must win the entire game to go on. The game will tell you to get a certain score or higher to get the item. If the item pops up, this is your key that you may now talk to the visitor.

4. The visitor can now go back in space! You recieve the Strange Visitor medal. Good work, Agent!

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