To give stickers to other Fantagians.
May 22nd, 2009

Stickers are collectible and tradable items that can be placed on the Sticker Page of an IDfone. A party, hosted by Static Bolt, was made just for their release. They can currently be purchased at Static's IDFone Shop. 10 star cluster stickers (which are popular because of how fast one can receive them) can be received from making a private classroom at the Fantage School.


Once the player is at a Sticker Page, the user can click on the Add Sticker button at the top right of the IDfone screen to add a sticker. The Sticker Inventory will show up. The player can move the sticker or rotate/change its size. The user then clicks on the check button on the top right of the IDfone screen to confirm the sticker.

The player can edit their own stickers. They have to go to their IDfone's Sticker Page and click on the Edit Sticker button on the top right of the IDfone screen.

Levelling Up

Stickers can be used to level up. Users can level up by obtaining or giving away a lot of stickers.