Stellar Salon


Stella and Bella
(Stella): Hair and Hair Acc.
(Bella): Makeup

Stellar Salon is a shop located right next to Le Shop, which both are located at the right of Downtown next to the Top Models Inc. It is a shop that sells hair and hair accessories for both male and female Fantagians. Female Fantagians also have a unique feature to their gender, which is that they are able to also buy make-up. It is owned by sisters Stella and Bella.


Bella only appears on female Fantagians' version of Stellar Salon, due to her only feature being to sell make up, which is also present only to the girls. Bella sells makeup, such as lipstick and eyeshadow. The non-premium female members of Fantage can only purchase clear, pinkish lip gloss, while members can buy it all, such as spicy red lipstick or the orange masquerade eyeshadow.The makeup is apparently not built to last, however, because it wears off and disappears once you log off.


Other Languages

  • Spanish: Salòn de Belleza (Beauty Salon)
  • Japanese: STELLAR SALON ヘアサロン (Suterasaron Heasaron, Stellar Salon Hair Salon)
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