Stars as they appear in The Creature Arena
Vital statistics
Type Currency
Effects Can be used to buy items in various shops.
Source Games
Cost to buy Bought by real money w/package

Earned by competing in games or events

Cost to sell Cannot be sold

"Stars" are the first currency that is used at the old Fantage and that is used any times and it can be earned by playing games and competing. Premium members also get allowance in stars every month. Nowadays, people use Stars for buying common items such as boards, pins, clothes, etc.

Fantage star apparence in shops

How a star looks when you view the tag of an item that you can buy.


Stars where belived to be the oldest items since fantage was founded. Stars are the OLDEST and one of the first items Fantage released.


  • First currency in game.
  • Known as the only currency that can buy anything for members without using eCoins.
  • Used many times for both Members and Non-Members.
  • It is a SPECIAL-CURRENCY that is used everywhere in Fantage.

Ways to earn Stars:

  • By Competing in event hosted by the system/admins/moderators.
  • By Inviting friends (Medal is included).
  • By Following rules.
  • By Playing games.
  • By Participating in a Fashion Show.
  • By selling items to Lucky Bob's trading
  • For logging on in the daily attendance program