Staries is a matching game found in the Grotto. You can earn Gems from playing


this game.


Players can match 3 or more stars by their color by dragging one star to many other stars of the same color. Matching 3 stars will give the player 10 points. The stars can be arranged in a column, a row, or just touching each other as seen in the picture to the right. When more than 4 stars are matched, a super star is made, and it will emit a supernova that blasts away the stars near it (even stars that don't match it) once that star is matched.

The star meter of the left of the screen needs to be filled up. The meter can be filled up by matching stars. When the meter is completely filled up, the player advances to the next level.

From level 3 and onwards, a lock will be set on a random star at times. This prevents the player to move the row and column where the locked star is located. The lock can be removed by matching three or more stars of the same color as the locked star with that locked star.

Since there is no time limit, the player can end the game by clicking on the lock at the bottom of the screen. A gem is given to the player once they get 4,000+ points. The game also ends when there are no more available moves due to a certain amount to locked stars.


There is a glitch in Staries, where if the player waits before making a move for a long time, a large amount of locks are set on stars. This may or may not be a glitch, and rather locks may be set depending on how long it takes for the player to make a move.

Other Languages

  • Spanish: Estrellitas (Little Stars)
  • Japanese: STARIES どろどろスター (Sutarisu dorodor suta, Staries ?? Star)
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