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Secret adventure

Secret Adventure is a game located in the Hidden Meadow in forest which has series of different portals that have different type of adventure games. Each adventure game has a different setting and has its own secret treasures.


To unlock each portal the Fantagian must complete the portal before it.The first portal is unlocked already so you can unlock the second one.

All together there are six portals.


Beginning of the game

"The Forest Fairies created this magical mirror to recruit adventurous Fantagians in the hopes they would be able to find and rescue the lost Fairies! Find the lost fairies by collecting a fairy stone at the end of each level.Ready for an adventure?"


  • This game can give you gems if you can unlock treasure chests.
  • Teal chests can give you rare secret adventure items.
  • Superpowered items can boost the game by its own unique powers.You can buy superpowered items in the SuperPower Shop.
  • Opening treasure chests can give you gems and stickers.
  • It is a platforming game similar to the Super Mario Bros. platforming games.