Here you will find a list of Buildings that are no longer available in Fantage and have been replaced/removed.

Vintage Classics

Shop entrance to Vintage Classics

Vintage Classics was released on December 3, 2010. It was located in Uptown and users could buy items from years ago that have now been retired, including hair, clothes, boards, homes, and furniture. There was even an eCoin discount on all Vintage items. On October 7, 2012, the shop was replaced with Trade N Sell.

Oasis Bazaar

During the event, "Tale of a New Hero", in August 2011, the Oasis was introduced in Fantage. When the event ended, the shop Oasis Bazaar was released. There, Fantagians could buy previous items similar to Vintage Classics, but they only had event items like St. Patrick's Day or Valentine's Day items from years ago. Like Vintage Classics, they had an eCoin discount if you bought using eCoins. Because of this shop, new Fantagians could buy items like the Hexed Wand from the Wizard Party of 2009 even if they did not participate in said event. The shop was eventually replaced with the Desert Jewel shop.

Trade N Sell

Main article: Trade N Sell 

Trade N Sell, released on October 7, 2012, was a shop located in Uptown which replaced Vintage Classics. In it, users could buy from or trade items with others. Because of this, the shop soon became extremely popular in Fantage as it influenced user behavior. The shop was later replaced with Vintage Gold on November 7, 2013. The closing warning was announced on October 15, 2013, 3 weeks prior to closing. The shop was open for 13 months, 396 days to be exact.

Vintage Gold

Main article: Vintage Gold

Vintage Gold was released in November 2013, replacing Trade N Sell. It featured a set of different retired Items every day, and users could vote for certain items to be available each day. Vintage Gold slightly resembled Trade N Sell, which also resembled Vintage Classics. Vintage Gold was initially thought of as a "second Vintage Classics". There are many theories of why Trade N Sell was replaced, the most popular being that Fantagians were scamming and being scammed for too long, and it had to stop. It was replaced with PM Boutique in October 2014. However, Trade and Sell could still be seen in the Spanish version of Fantage since it was never updated to Vintage Gold. There was a sign hanging on the door in front of it, saying "Cerrado", meaning "Closed", and users were unable to enter the building.

Zack's Acting Academy

Zack's Acting Academy was released on May 30, 2013, located next to the Fantage school. It was owned by Zack, an NPC who was most known for dating Michelle in the Carnival event. Not much is known about Zack, or the Acting Academy itself, as they had simply appeared, without a word, and even replaced without a word. Many users think it was replaced due to its unpopularity. It was replaced with The Clubhouse on November 21, 2014. Similar to Vintage Gold, Zack's Acting Academy was still present on the Spanish version of Fantage, once again because it was never updated to The Clubhouse like in the English version.

Super Power Shop

The Super Power Shop was a shop in downtown where users could buy costumes and clothing as power-ups in the fairy portal games, (hence the shop's name, "Super Power Shop"). It was then later removed in the early spring of 2014 and replaced with Gizmo's Q-Blast, where users could play the game, Q-Blast. Some of the costumes can still be bought at Jester's Costumes.


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