Red Ninja


1300 (Non) 2118 (Mem)

Red_Ninja is a Fantage user and was Civic_Princess's Fantage boyfriend. Due to the inactivity of both users, they have broken up. He has a very high level and is a Fantage legend. Not much is known about him; some have seen him and reported that he was kind, others say he was not. Mostly active during 2010 to 2012, Red_Ninja had stopped playing after that period, but returned in early 2015 with Civic_Princess.

Up until Fantage removed many of their servers, he was most commonly seen in White Seal. His friends are mostly veteran Fantage users, such as BeautyAnime, Ruby_08, Zookazoodude and Gianna4125.

Signing up in November of 2009, Red_Ninja started playing Fantage along with two other users, Myndi1 and Hat03.

REd ninja

Red Ninja