Former level 6376+
July 10th, 2009

Currently not much is known of pinkstardust as her membership was lost months ago. We know she is no longer in the hof and the chances of her return are quite slim. She is not the only well known user on Fantage who has disappeared.

Outdated info

Pinkstardust was one of the most popular Fantagians in Fantage. She used to have an amazing level of over 6366 and was in 1st place in the All-Time Rankings. Civic_Princess and Pinkstardust were in a big competiton even before Civic_Princess quit playing Fantage in early 2012. WhenRed_Ninja had her account with Fiona21, she was rising to 1st place in the the Rankings. Since Civic_Princess quit, Pinkstardust took her position in 1st place, which resulted in Civic_Princess dropping out in the All Star Rankings. For a short time in September 2014, Pinkstardust was 2nd place, behind an_molly.

Buddy Info

PinkStarDust's best friend was Queenbee_. Her "one/wun/bae" is (or used to be) Omarthebest9, but there was also a rumor going around about mzcavs, but it is unknown what he is to her. Some time in 2011, she was, from time to time, seen in Downtown with a male user who uses e-coins.


In January 2015, Christina792 Posted a video on Youtube called Pinkstardust's Goodbye. It featured her and Pinkstardust ,with Pinkstardust explaining she was officially quitting Fantage due to her mother being diagnosed with breast cancer. She stated she wanted to spend more time with her mother and be there for her, just as her mother had been there for her herself when she had leukemia. Also, at the end of the video , Pinkstardust was featured playing on a user called ' astarinmyheart' even though earlier in the video , she said she would not be playing on a different account or giving away Pinkstardust. The comments were based on the fact that the video was touching and heartfelt, and how she would always be remembered. Even Pinkerellie commented: When I first saw the title, I couldn't believe it... Aww, well bye, Pink! I hope you and your mom get through this :)

PinkStardust's Goodbye -
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