Instructions on Hatching Eggs.

Pets can be hatched by eggs, which can be purchased in the Pet Town's Pet Shop. The first five families were released on the start of Pets, in which both release dates were on July 14th, 2010.

Pets can be hatched by setting the right amount of light and heat. They are usually hatched after one day. An alternative method for hatching eggs can be done by buying a Magic Code instead, which quickens the process and makes the egg hatch within an hour.

Pets can also be taken outside and put inside their homes. The Pebbles Family cannot be taken outside, and only Premium Members can put their pets inside their homes. Once pets are in the user's home, the user can feed them.

Pet Families

There are five pets in one family. The first pet family, Pebbles, can be hatched by anyone, but the rest can only be hatched by Premium Members.

Pet Treats

Pets can also be taken outside (with the exception of the Pebbles Family). Once outside with a pet, the user may see Pet Treats littered all over Fantage. These pet treats can be clicked on and the user's pet will start eating the little treat. The user is rewarded with Stars and will receive points towards their Pet Treat Medal each time a treat is eaten.

There are 7 treats per day. If the player wants to find more treats, they will have to log in the next day and bring a pet to eat those treats.


  • On July 19th, 2010, several users were acknowledged for hatching the first 25 pets during the Pets' first couple of days. Those users were ajdaniels, attyatty4545, civic_princess, cookies770, cora578, ginger997, katieb16, kaykay12968, mama508, nancysee, puppepale8, red_ninja, willowpelt6, and xocarla.