Pet Town
Pet Town is an area in Fantage that opened in 2010 that allows Fantagians users to get pets and play games with them.

Pet Academy

The Pet Academy is a building in Pet Town where you can check in your attendance, look at pet town news, play wild braines, go to a class room and see the pet town story book. You get an attendance medal for checking in 2, 7, 20, 50, and 100 days in a row.


There is also a Construct-A-Cody machine that will give you wool, stardust or fabric in either pink, purple or blue when you tap on Cody. When you have 3 of the items in one colour, you can use the machine to make it into a cube board of that colour. If you have three of the same colour cube boards, you can make either Rose, Cody or Toby.

Pet Shop

In the pet shop you can buy eggs for 200 stars, food for 5-10 stars, and magic codes for 1,000, 1,200 and 2,000 ecoins. You can also read the story book here. Currently there are 13 pet families in Fantage. They are the Pebbles, Cosmos, Fairies, Dinos, Firepuffs, Cuddlies, Jellies, Areopuffs, Barnacles, Feathers, Frosties, Ribbons, and Holiday pets. Unlike the other pet families, you can only get the Holidays for a Limited amount of time.


Wild Racer

A pet race enchanced with obstacles that you have to jump.

Wild Slinger

Extremely similar to Angry Birds, try to bash into your enemies using your pet.

Wild Brainies

A pet race, but kind of different; power up your pet by solving math problems.

Wild Derby

The most recently built pet game, you bet on which pet you think will win. Similar to traditional race bets.

Wild Rumble

Beat up your oppenent's pets with your choice of 5 pets.

To Get There

To get to pet town you can either use your map, or if you are at the Castle go left until you reach Pet Town, if you are at the Carnival go right until you reach Pet Town.