Officer Russell


Who is he?
He is the police officer in Fantage. He shows you a tour of Uptown.
What is his store?
He doesn't have one. But he is seen in Who Broke Top Models?
He has a police suit, unlike the one in the Costume Shop. He has sunglasses on. His police cap covers his brown hair.
"Good Day Fantagians, I'm Russel. I help keep Fantage safe and keep an eye out for those of you that are looking for mischief. If you need to find me, I'm stationed outside of the Loco Boardz Shop. When I'm not patroling Fantage you can usually find me playing bricks breaking or eating honey at Star Cafe"

Officer Russell is the only real police resident in Fantage. He now shows a tour of Uptown and is seen in the mission "Who Broke Top Models?". He isn't really well known and popular like the other Fantage characters.