The Missing Bear Cub GUIDE.

1.First, You have to go to the Mission Center.

Mission centre elevator in uptown.

2.You must log in into the Mission Center.

3.Click on the mission "The Missing Bear Cub" and press start.

4.Once the mission has downloaded, find the missing bear cub at the right side of the forest. 

The forest.

5.You will find her at Lucky Bobs trading or near the game Bubble bug.

6.Once you have talked to her successfully, you have to go and get 25 fish. So go to the creature area which is where there's a creature shop. To get fish , you must to play Bobo fish and get 25 fish in one game.

7.Once you have 25 fish you can just hit a log in the game to finish the game. After you have finished catching 25 fish, you will get a notification that you have a bucket of fish.

8.Now go back to the bear who's in the forest.

9.Talk to her and answer her question.Tip : Always answer nicely.

10.To find the parents you have to go to MT. Fantage. To quickly go there you can just click on the map and click on the mountain.

11.In there you'll find bear footprints, follow the footprints and you'll find the missing bears.

12.Go to the beach and into the ice rink , you'll find a pirate who has the key.

13. Once you have talked to the pirate you'll be playing a mini game called Rock ,Paper, Scissors.

14.Defeat the pirate and you'll get the key.

15.You can go back to the parents to get clues for the keys.There are three keys altogether.

16.For the second key , you'll have to go to downtown and go near the salon. There's a man next to a box and talk to him.

17.Once you have talked to him you will play a mini game called guess the ball is hiding under.REMEMBER if you lose any mini game you'll have to start the mini game again.

18.For the last key you have to go to the carnival and find a clown girl and you'll play a game called Simon Says.

19.Once you have got all the keys go back to MT. Fantage and talk to the bear parents.

20.Talk to that bear kind of thing and you'll play a mini game, once you have finished playing it your mission is complete.

Congratulations, you have now got a missing bear cub badge.

NOTE: Unfortunately, this mission was removed on April 2014. It is unavailable at this time and it is unknown if it will ever return.

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