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Founder of Le Shop
2007 (?)

Michelle is the owner of the Le Shop located in Downtown. She is used as Fantage's official mascot and is the most recognizable NPC in the game.


Michelle loves fashion and regularly buys clothing as a personal hobby.


She is friends with nearly every resident on Fantage and is notably best friends with Stella, who also is her neighbor. Her only known family is her pet Blizzy.

During Valentine's Day on 2011, Michelle went on a Valentine's date with Static of the IDFone Shop. This gained attention within Fantage fans, but the attention was not big until after April 11th, 2013, during the Michelle's Dinner Date event where Michelle meets her new boyfriend, Zack. However, during the Moonlight Prom, Michelle revealed that she doesn't really like talking to Zack since he often talks about himself.


Michelle has creme colored skin, purple eyes, and a blue hair bob cut. Until 2013, her main outfit was a small blue tank with pink clothing underneath, and also had a purple jacket and pants. She also had pink sandals, pink and blue bracelets, and a pink heart-shaped necklace with a matching hair clip, often depicted on the left of her head.

Her outfit in Oshare Land Fantage was slightly different. Her necklace had pearls and her bracelets were both blue opposed to one of them being pink. Her shirt was changed to a white top with a pink star and her pants were swapped for a skirt, while her sandals were swapped with long, dark purple stocking socks and white sneakers with pink laces.

As of 2013, her usual outfit is a white and blue striped shirt partially tucked into above knee jean shorts. She wears purple, yellow, yellow-green, and orange-red bracelets, a gold necklace with two black half crescents hanging from it, another simpler gold necklace, and pink and white sneakers.


  • Michelle is one of four NPCs that have a Twitter account along with the official Fantage site's own Twitter account. The other four are Agent ScarletMichael, and Dr. Finkelstein.
  • On one event, Michelle's entire outfit was for sale as Limited Items. The most notable part about the set was her hair, which the interactable version was animated rather than static.
    • Similarly, during the Valentine's Day 2011 event, one of the mini-games has the player dress Michelle into an appropriate outfit for her date. The same outfit was available in that event's Limited Item cart as two different items for female Fantagians: "Red Roses Costume", a costume that was a recolored version of the mini-game's hair and outfit; and "Valentine's Bear Board", the same board that Michelle wears if the player finished the mini-game correctly.
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