Lucky Bob's Trading Post

Lucky bobs

What can you do?
Sell your precious things, according to his schedule.
Where is it?
At the Enchanted Forest.
Who is Lucky Bob?
The person who owns this service. No one knows why he's called Lucky Bob!
Things that you should sell:
Stickers, Rare Items(Just use the sapphires to get them back!)

Lucky Bob's Trading Post is a Western themed flea market located in the Forest. The grand opening of the post was on April 29th, 2010.


Depending on any day of the week, Lucky Bob will pay Stars for various items in the player's inventory. You can choose to sell your item for a set price or spin the wheel to gamble on more Stars.

As of 2013, the player no longer has to give in stickers one by one; instead they can now give in half or all the amount of items that they have.

You cannot sell items bought with eCoins or Gold.

Selling Schedule

  • Monday: Hair, Clothes, Boards, Accesories
  • Wednesday: Furniture, Homes
  • Thursday: Random, changes weekly
  • Friday: Hair, Clothes, Boards, Accesories
  • Saturday: Stickers
  • Sunday: Furniture, Homes