Le Shop


Clothes,Shoes,and Accessories

Michelle in Le Shop

Le Shop is a shop located near the center of Downtown and is next to neighboring shop Stellar Salon. This cheerful and frequently updated shop is owned by Michelle. Here you can buy tops, bottoms, shoes, outfits, and certain accessories like some hand accessories and earrings, and some glasses. The shop is usually updated with new items monthly. 

Users can now buy items for less with Gold in Le Shop as well as most of the main shops. 

Other Languages

  • Spanish: Boutique (Boutique)
  • Japanese: LE SHOP ファッションショップ (Re Shoppu Fasshon shoppu, Le Shop Fashion Shop)

Older Le Shop:

OG Version

A Little Upgrade

This version is the OG version of Le Shop. When you hover your mouse over the clothes, shoes, or hats in the shop, it will move. Even the speaker above Michelle moved as well!

Best friend shop

Then Michelle started to get a little upgrade. The green shelf has a moving heart and the clothes on the rack changed into more of the newer clothes, she is selling in the shop. She even put in a new heart rug! The green desk she is at, even added another see through case for more accessories! She even got a new design for her welcome banner. I also believe that Michelle's appearance changed as well. Everything else stayed the same mostly especially the when you hover your mouse over the items to make them move.

This one has the BFF Shop included. The green shelf got removed and replaced with the BFF Shop. Everything else in the shop stayed the same.

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