Kewldude99, is famous on Fantage and has a Youtube account called Bubblybubbles12. He has a popular Fantage series called Lovestruck.


His sister posted a video telling viewers that a life changing event has occurred in Kewldude99's life. The sad music and the "deep breaths" his sister added made fans assume the worst, death. He made a video very recently saying that he is fine and recovering from this event. He also pledged that viewers not assume the worst. However, according to an article, he got into a car wreck and was hospitalized. He is still recovering, and photos of him recovering can be found on his Facebook.

This however has been proven false, and Kewldude99 has admitted in a video that he is not the person that people had claimed he was in the rumors. The individual who was suspected to be Kewldude99 has admitted that he is not associated with this matter.