Here are some great tips for leveling up FAST on Fantage. A guide to similar to this can be found here at our sister site, Fantage Answers.

1. BUY PETS~~ This is the absolute BEST way to level up fast. Buy pets, walk them, I collect Holiday pets, and play games with them. Tip: Buy and hatch an egg a day.

2. GIVE AND GET STICKERS~~ Giving stickers is easy, all you have to do is play Secret Adventure over and over and you can get hundreds/thousands of free stickers. The max number of level you can get from giving and getting combined is 160 levels, 80 for each category.

3. JUDGE AND PATICIPATE IN FASHION SHOWS~~ Judging can be boring, and participating is awesome but takes a lot of work. This medal probably takes the longest to level up but it's very rewarding, scoring with 150+ levels for participating and 150+ with judging.

4. PLAY GAMES~~ If you get in the top 3 high-scores on a game, you'll level up 2 levels. If you get in the top 10, you level up 1. You get get 100+ levels from this.

5. DO MISSIONS~~ Missions don't take up a lot of time, and you level up 10 levels per mission you complete. This can result in 70+ levels in a single DAY! You can also redo missions and recieve agent points, which add up on a seperate medal to the max level of 50.

6. NEVER MISS AN EVENT~~ You often recieve a medal for logging in all the days of an event or completing your stamp book. There's ALWAYS an event in Fantage, so the possibilities are endless for the number of levels you can gain!

7. LOG IN AND BE PREMIUM~~ You get 15 levels just for being premium and you recieve 1 level a month for just having an account! You also can own any item which can go towards your trendsetter ranking.

8. BE A PARTY ANIMAL~~ Hosting parties doesn't level up your medals, but having a lot of guests AT your party does! You can get a max of 20 levels for having a lot of guests and a max of 20 levels for being a pinata basher!

9. INVITE FRIENDS~~ Inviting friends to Fantage is the #1 way to level up over time, getting 320+ levels in total. You have to email people you know to recieve levels, and if your friends become premium your medal level skyrockets.

10. BE AN EXPERT IN THE COMET~~ Being a reporter, participating in contests, or being featured in the Comet can grant you 40+ levels easy. However, there's a lot of competition so make sure anything you do is top-notch. Follow these steps and you can maybe, one day, be featured in the Hall of Fame as well.

Tips by Cicifox