A tip on how to get Stars, simple, easy and fast!


1. Make sure Lucky Bob wants clothing or stickers for sale. These are easy to sell!

2. If it's clothing, make sure you got a handful of sapphires! Sell some of your rare clothing that was rare. It's best to use the Wheel!

3. Get them back with your sapphires. Repeat this process to get a result of lots of money! This isn't a cheat!

4. Just get lots of stickers and sell them if he wants stickers.


Make sure that:

  • The rare clothing you sell is easy to get again!
  • To get lots of sapphires, you can play the games at Forest/Wizard's Domain. It's best to use Secret Adventure, 'cause you get more than 1 gem 70% of the time!

Okay so if you want more stars splash multiplayer or candy swap.

And there you go, you can also earn eCoins, but don't say you can't earn lots of stars, the games give you 50 stars or 49