Party shop
Since 2010, parties in Fantage were invented and it entertained people. There are many parties to host from, along with sticker options and piñata options. But they do cost stars!

Everyone can go to a party, and everyone can host a party.

Party Info

There are good options for parties! Each party costs 50 Stars to host, excluding the costs of putting up piñatas and stickers. To host a party, you need these requirements:

  • Enough Stars for a party.
  • You need to have your house open to other people.

You can host your party by inviting everyone in Fantage or your buddies only. Once you activate your party, the invitations will go to their Mailboxes!

Party Types

  • Dance Party - Dance with your friends or other users!
  • Masquerade Party - Have a romantic moment and watch people's dates unfold!
  • Color Battle - Have a intense battle in which you vote for a certain color!
  • Prom Party - A miniature version of a masquerade. It's one step for a date to unfold since there are Prom Kings and Queens!
  • Party At My House! - A regular house party. Good for just friendly occassions!
  • Birthday Party - A perfect moment in a birthday is this party! This party is especially recommended if it's your birthday.
  • Fashion Show Party - A fashion show! A awesome party! It's 2 in 1! Have an awesome fashion show party and record it on YouTube to see which model is the best!
  • Twin Party - Find new friends as you wear the same clothes!


  • Sasquatch
  • Roly Poly
  • Raccoon - Gem included
  • Clown

Sticker Options

There are 2 sticker options you can choose to have in your party!

  • Free Stickers - Once you buy it, this option lets everyone have a free sticker(including yourself) until the end of the party!
  • 10 Stickers - Buy this and you can give out stickers! You can keep buying this option until the party is over. Best to give out after a piñata!

*Giving stickers can help you to level up!