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Halloween 2013


October 10 to November 11, 2013
Event Type
Holiday/Ticket Event
Event Theme
Zombie Invasion
Areas affected
Featured Games

Halloween 2013 was an event in Fantage. During the event, there was a zombie invasion started on 10/24/13. The zombies came from Zombie World which Orion had been to.


  • During the event, Gizmo put up magenta/purple barriers around Downtown and Uptown to protect the Fantagians from the zombies that had been created in the campground by Dr.Finkelstein.
  • There were zombies in the Forest, outside Wizard's Domain, the Beach, and most likely other places. When users were near zombies, Actions (either Wave, Cry, Jump, or Wink) would appear above their avatar's head. If the required action was not performed in time, the avatar's skin would turn slightly green and they would move slower. However, if the action was performed in time, two small deflective barriers (similar to the ones around Downtown and Uptown) would appear around the avatar's sides. 
  • At the Carnival's ticket booth, there would be a zombie hand reaching out. 
  • There was also green slime in many places. Sometimes the slime had footprints leading out of it.


The first game introduced was Zombie Escape (stylized as ZOMBI-ESCAPE) . It was in a house covered in green slime and a patched-up cloth. The roof was purple and blue tiled, and a cobweb with a spider on it hung there. It also appeared to be boarded up, but only a little bit around the door. On the house's right was a lit candle. If the house was clicked on, the user would be given the option to enter one of four game rooms, each with a maximum capacity of 30. Once a game room was entered, there needed to be at least three people in it to play. The object of the game was to dodge the zombies that would come from the sides of the room. Though not mentioned by the game itself, the fastest zombies were female blondes wearing tattered pink dresses. In the game, the zombies were significantly larger than the avatars.