Gianna4125 is a Fantage player who started in June of 2010. She has a high level of 8700+ making her among the highest levels total in Fantage. Most of her medals are maxed.


Gianna4125 is considered very nice. She was the first user to complete every Fantage Game Card set; which she uploaded a video on. She also has all trendsetter and cashU items. She doesn't mind talking to people but is reluctant to strong attention.

Gianna is 14 years old, and is said to be very loyal and trustworthy. She co-owns the Fantage blog, Fantagian with Agnt007.


Gianna4125 has a Facebook, as well as an Instagram by her Fantage username.


  • Gianna4125's art was one of the winning entries for the Unicorn Adventure event. Her submission was made into a set of items, and was the only set to include a Board.
  • She owns a YouTube Channel: Click to see it
  • She owns every single FGC Item and almost every item in game.
  • She wrote a post on her experience on Fantage. Click to see it
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