Image- Gems1

Cost of eCoins
100-600 for 1
Rare (Sapphire)

Very Rare (Ruby)

Ultra Rare (Emerald)

Legendary (Diamond)

Mythical(Black Diamond)

Otherworldy (Moonstone)

Gems are the items used to obtain wearable items for a Fantagian. Gems can be earned by playing Staries, Candy Swap, Magic Pop, Bullseye, Secret Adventure, and Bubble Bug or can be bought using eCoins.

Types of Gems

The category of gems are Rare, Very Rare, Ultra Rare, Legendary, Mythical, and Otherworldly. Members can get any category of items from Gems, Non-Members can only get rare items or can buy any gems using eCoins.

Sapphire: Rare

Ruby: Very Rare

Emerald: Ultra Rare

Diamond: Legendary

Black Diamond: Mythical

Moonstone: Otherworldly

Secret Adventure Gems

Another way to make a lot of gems in little time is by playing Secret Adventure. You can get six or more gems on a single try depending on how lucky you get. Playing the first level over and over again not only increases your chances of getting loads of gems, but also an oppurtunity to recieve the Forest Adventurer Medal just by repeating again and again. If you've never played Secret Adventure before, it's located in the large mirror after you went to Forest and see a sign that says a ? On it. Click on it to go to the Secret Area. Good Luck! If you want emeralds and diamonds, they are 60% going to be in Secret Adventure !