Friendship bracelets were announced to Fantage in early December 2011.

Friendship Bracelets

Basic Information

Friendship bracelets are a little like Moodies, in the sense that they were placed on top of your head, and would actively show an icon. You share the bracelet with one of your buddies.

Friendship bracelets reportedly have no effect anymore.


One pair of friendship bracelets for the buyer and its friend costs 300 Stars, or 150 eCoins. Only premium members can purchase them with stars, but all members can wear them. This means that nons can buy them with only eCoins. You can buy them at the IdFone Shop.


One Fantagian can have up to 15 bracelets, one of each style. There are only 15 styles. These include: a smiley face, a balloon, a star, a crown, music notes, candy, a flower, a dolphin, a cellphone, a clover, a teddy bear, an egg (chick in the egg), a cherry blossom, a wave, and a disco ball.

When worn, each icon changes color. For the friendship bracelets to work, the pair of friends must stand together and have their bracelet worn. If they are to far away from each other, they won't work and will flash. Some friendship bracelets are animated and move when the pair of friends are standing together.

Other Languages

  • Spanish: Friendship Bracelets (Pulseras de la Amistad)