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Not to be confused with Fantage Pet School.

Fantage School

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June 8th, 2011
Best Known For
Popular recording location for YouTube movies

Fantage School is a location in Fantage, previously located between the Forest and the now-defunct Creature Area, and currently resides near the eastern end of Downtown. The Fantage School was created in 2011 in order to give the game an educational environment.


As a result of wanting an educational environment, the Fantage School was home to educational games, such as Word Up, Mad Math, Stained Glass, Where In The World, and many more. Most of the games are found on the first floor of the school, which are the English and math games (later with an art history educational game). The second floor has a cafeteria, a music room, and a gymnasium, which later had Off The Hook and Book It Or Bucket added.

The Fantage School also had a feature to create and join classrooms, found on the first floor by the stairs. These classrooms were hosted by other users and can be visited by either anybody if made public, or only online Buddies of the host if made private.

Fantage School Challenge

In December 2011, Fantage started the Fantage School Challenge. This challenge was made to introduce Fantage's educational games to schools all over the United States, starting off with Christ the King School, located in Los Angeles, California. According to VentureBeat and Gamasutra, a fifth grade class at the school was invited to play Fantage every day for an hour. This class was separated into a two-team competition, in which prizes were given out to top-scoring students. These prizes included Amazon Kindles, cash prizes, gift certificates usable for school supplies, as well as a free 1 month Premium Membership and exclusive t-shirts to all of the participating students.

After the Christ the King competition, Fantage hosted similar challenges to other schools, except that these challenges varied since David Hwang, one of Fantage's co-founders, wanted schools to make their own challenges. Competitions, according to VentureBeat, were held between multiple schools, and the winning school would get a cash prize.


  • The Fantage School has been a popular location for Fantagians, however not for of the educational content. The popularity of the location is due to it being a popular choice for recording Fantage videos onto YouTube, most notably for Fantage "movies" and "drama series".
    • It is currently common knowledge among Fantagians that the classroom feature is mainly used for making these "movies", so most users who are bored end up sneaking into an open public classroom just to be in the recording.