Fantage On Ice!
Event started
January 2012
All of them are Scavenger Hunts. Search all around Fantage to find the requiring items!
Limited Item Sale?

Fantage on Ice was an event released in January 2012. It was a Story Event.


There was a nice day when the new event Fantage On Ice released. But then Dr. Finkelstein appeared! With his massive machine, he ripped the fun out of Fantage On Ice by taking the items away! It's now up to the Fantagians to help Stella fix up the festivities before Dr. Finkelstein messes up the entire spectacular ice event!

Story Form

Like in the Christmas 2011 Event, the story had a opening movie and a ending movie. The story was in a form of a book, like the Christmas 2011 Event.

Medal Info

Like in the Christmas 2011 Event, you must collect all the stamps in your Stamp Book. Collect all the stamps to earn the event's medal!