Fantage Drama Series are fan-made series by fans of Fantage who use a YouTube account to upload their series' episodes. This type of series was the very first type of series ever created, and it is the most searched type of series.

List of Fantage Drama Series

See Fantage Series for more info.

There's still a lot more, this will be updated a lot.

Differences Between Animated Series

Most Fantage Animated Series are called "Fantage Drama Series" anyway, because of the fact that they still contain drama. But in The Fantage Wiki!, any animated series that are called "drama series" will be called Fantage Animated Series. Why? It's to distinguish the both types. Fantage Drama Series is not "animated", as it would be as "true animated series"; the person just simply logs on to Fantage and simply records. Animated Series, however, are different, since the person makes the people animate by taking pictures of various things to make the series.