Events are common things in Fantage. Every once and a while, Fantage will have an event. During events, users can buy limited items, and play exclusive games. Events also are a time to get limited time medals and level up. As of 2014, there are so many events it is difficult to keep up with them all.

If you find or heard about new events, just added it in new article in events!


There are a few different types of Events that happen in Fantage.

Holiday Event

Fantage has Events during most holidays. During these events you can buy limited items with different holiday themes. An example would be the Halloween 2013 event.

Ticket Event

Ticket Events are generic events, where during the event, users can earn tickets from playing games, and use them to get items from the Ticket Booth at The Carnival. An example would be the Chocolate Challenge event, or the Snowman Showdown event. The last Ticket Event was the Moonlight Prom in 2014

Story Event

These events usually have a short story and plot with them. Story Events often affect Fantage the most. An example would be the A Very Fairy Feast event.

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