The Monkey that will appear on your IM chat

The Crazy Monkey is an easter egg in Fantage's Instant Messenger.


Simply go to Instant Messenger. Write this exactly as shown:

Thats One Crazy Monkey

A picture of the Crazy monkey Trick

Make sure you capitalize the first letter of each!

It will instantly show a picture of a dancing monkey once your press Enter.

Things To Be Warned About

This is ONLY shown at Instant Messenger, so if you're chatting with a buddy in IM, the monkey will appear. It WON'T show if you're talking(not in IM), but it will show if you go to the IM button.

For example, you cannot go to downtown and shout "Thats One Crazy Monkey" and expect it to just appear. It won't, only on IM. Also, it will NOT show up twice, so don't type Thats One Crazy Monkey Thats One Crazy Monkey and press enter; it will just say what you typed. It will also not show if you put any spaces beside it. Therefore, you can only say it by itself.