Costumes Shop
Also known as
Jester's Costumes
Owner of store
Since the beginning of Fantage

The Costumes Shop (to other people, a.k.a. Jester's Costumes) is a shop where you can get plenty of costumes. It's costumes galore!

Jester owns this shop. He will sell you costumes. Like all the other shops, most of the costumes require membership to buy it. But of course, there's at least some costumes everyone can buy!

The Costumes Shop is home to the Costume Storybook. Each story in the book will have costumes only for Premium Members.

Other Languages

  • Spanish: Tienda de Disfraces (Costume Shop)
  • Japanese: JESTER'S コスチュームショップ (Jesutazu kosuchumushoppu, Jester's Costume Shop)