Candy Swap is a match-3 game found outside the Wizard's Domain (later moved to the Grotto and the Retro Arcade along with Staries and Bullseye). You can get gems from this game.


Players have to match candies by clicking on one candy and clicking on the candy that they wish to switch the first candy's place with. The candies can only be matched with three of the same kind of candy, and can be matched either in a row or in a column.

There is a timer at the left of the board with the candies. The timer goes down, and when the timer is completely depleted, the game ends. The timer can be increased to the top by matching candies. When the timer is completely filled up to the top, the player advances to the next level.

Gems are given to the player after the game if the player has got 15,000+ points in the game.

Other Languages

  • Japanese: CANDY SWAP ハッピーキャンディー (Kyandisuappu happikyandi, Candy Swap Happy Candy)