Buzzer Beater


Arcade- now Retro Arcade
Date Released

Buzzer Beater is a game that was released during the Beta Stage of Fantage. Players are able to "shoot hoops" for stars while simultaneously enjoying the game. Buzzer Beater was originally located in Uptown but after continuous Fantage renovations it was then moved to the Carnival, and then its final location was the Retro Arcade in 2014.

How to Play

1. Choose if you would like to throw from the two pointer line or the three pointer line by clicking on the star labeled 2 or 3.

2. Click on your avatar (the person in the white clothing) so that a basketball will appear in your hands.

3. Click and hold on the basketball, and angle where you'd like the basket ball to be shot.

4. Let go of the mouse click and all the basketball to be shot.

5. Keep shooting until the time limit is gone, and enjoy.


  • A 2009 version of Buzzer Beater, with slightly different graphics, can be playable in also had a 2009 version of Rocket Board. Click here to play the 2009 version.