Bullseye is a game invented in May 2011. You must click, then hold, then release at good timing to get the required points to go to the next level.

Why Do We Play It?


Bullseye Logo

For exactly 3 reasons. Here are the reasons:

1. You get a free shot to get free gems starting at Level 6.

2. For Premium Members, it is one way to get easy Starz the help of the boost-up items before you start along with Double Coupons.

3. You get extra points for your score on a level if you accomplish the Mission.

Boost-up Items

Premium Members could buy these only, unless you have eCoins. They are the Accuracy Bow and Double Score Board. They helped Premium Members get more Starz, most of the time.

So, What's The Conclusion?

Bullseye is a good game for "gem-hunters," and Premium Members. It's very popular now because of the iPhone app. Try playing Bullseye today when you log in to!