Info of Buddies
Report, Ignore, Delete, Chat, Add(if you're not that person's buddy)
What are buddies?
Your friends. Be careful who you ask!
What happens if you get a buddy request?
You can choose to either accept it or decline it. If you accept it, the person will be your buddy. If you decline it, that person will not be your buddy.
Friend Advice
Here's some advice from Jewelfan24:
  • It's best to add them if you know them.
  • If they are bothering you, you should delete that buddy if it's your buddy.
  • You should check their IDfone if you don't know the person that sent you a buddy request.

In Fantage, your friends are called buddies. There are many things you could do with buddies. You can see how much buddies you have on your buddy list.

Adding/Deleting Buddies

You can add a buddy. Click on the Fantagian you want to add and you'll see their IDfone. Click on the face with a smiley face and a plus on it to add. The person you requested must say yes or no. If he/she said yes, he/she is now your buddy. You can have up to 200 of them, but I somewhat did a glitch when I didn't know, that makes you have 201 or 202 buddies instead.

To delete some to make room, go to your buddy list, click on the person you want to delete and click on Delete Buddy next. You have officially deleted that person.

Ignoring/Reporting Buddies/Fantagians

If you feel like some buddy or somebody else is bothering you, click on their IDfone and click on a face with a mask or something on. You have officially ignored that person, but you can remove it off your ignore list if it stopped.

If you feel like it's serious, click on their IDfone and click on the ! Button. Tell them what they're doing wrong, and Fantage will take care of it. You have officially reported someone doing something bad. The person is now on the ignore list. But, if you make ANY false reports, you'll be banned instead of the person you reported on.

Talking To Your Buddy

If you have Fantage Chat on your Fantagian, you can use the Instant Messenger button. If you have IM, then you know how to use Instant Messenger. You can talk only to your buddies in private or talk to everyone in the place you're in on Fantage. You can report your buddy from here instead of clicking on the IDfone.

Be EXTREMELY warned, even though this is a private chat bar, Fantage will ban you if you do bad things on Instant Messenger. Be also warned, any friends online that are using Safe Chat or No Chat cannot talk to you at all in here.