Boxy is a stacking game in Fantage found on Mt. Fantage.


Boxy is all about stacking wooden boxes on top of each other to make a sturdy column of boxes. Click anywhere on the screen to drop a box. The player has to click on the right timing to get the box on the mountain / other box.

When the box is placed successfully on the mountain or top of the other box, the player receives ten points. If the box is placed perfectly on top of the other box, the player receives 15 points and the box turns from a wooden box to a steel box.

Players have three lives. When the box is placed incorrectly or when the player clicks on the wrong timing, the box falls and the player loses a life. When the player drops four boxes, then GAME OVER! Little tip: Don't try to drop or miss the box.

Other Languages

  • JapaneseBOXY だんだんボックス (Bokkusi dandan bokkusu, Boxy ?? Box)
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