Board Shop

Loco boardz

Since the beginning of Fantage
Owner of store

The Board Shop is a shop located in Uptown. There, Michael will sell you boards, which are found in your Inventory after buying a board. There are cool boards there, so be sure to visit!

Most of the boards can only be bought if you have a Premium Membership access. But there are some boards that everyone in Fantage can buy. There used to be a board that is for free that someone other than Fantage made, but it is now retired.

Other Languages

  • Spanish: Patinetas Crazy (Crazy Skateboards)
  • Japanese: LOCO BOARDZ ボードショップ (Rokobodozu bodoshoppu, Loco Boardz Board Shop)


  • The Board Shop used to be called 'Loco Boardz' but was renamed years later for unknown reasons. Despite this, Fantage has since continued to refer to the shop by it's original name in blog posts and few Events.