September 26, 2014
The Island

Besties are mock Best Friends that can be bought from The Island. Users can explore Fantage with their Bestie. They can be bought for 5,999 with Stars (Premium Members only) or Gold. Once bought, they can activated from the users Inventory. Besties can only be of the opposite gender to their Fantagian. Users can select a Bestie's skin color upon buying them. You couldn't change their clothes either.


Besties are designed to follow your Fantagian around, acting as a best friend. They say premade friendly sentences and will use actions.

While Besties are mostly unresponsive, they're found to occasionally respond to some things, such as when your Fantagian levels up.


  • Shortly after Besties were introduced, Fantage released a shelf of BFF matching items to Le Shop. Users thought the items were for Besties, but this wasn't the case.
  • The board exclusively for Besties can be found in the Fantage Collection, and therefore can be worn in the Photo Booth.
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