Who is she?
Aimee is a tour guide in Downtown.
When was she found?
Aimee is found in Downtown. She has been around since the beginning of Fantage, but she was just in the background that time. Now she is a tour guide that can be found next to the SuperPower Shop in Downtown.
Her effect?
Move your cursor toward Aimee. She will have a message. Click on her and she will give you information on Downtown.

Aimee is a girl Fantagian that stands next to the SuperPower Shop in the busy streets of Downtown. She acts like a Tour Guide. She used to be part of the background, but she stayed in the background in Fantage Japan.


She has red hair that's tied back in a neat bun, and a cute casual outfit. She also has green eyes.


In 2008, she looked more like a non-member. She now looks modern and wears the "green mystic eyes" from Sun Block.