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Hello! Welcome to The Fantage Wiki! We are the leading Fantage Wiki that will provide you will good and detailed information about Fantage. Please help us out by signing up and to become one of our many editors!

This is a recommended wiki, as you can see. We have information on the places of Fantage as well as some of the users that you can see today in Fantage! This wiki also has information on the latest Fantage Missions, Fantage Cheats, and even the latest Fantage Games!

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We have reasons on why you should love this #1 Fantage-packed, spam-free and admin-full wiki!

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1. We have many categories and we are very organized, making it easier to find what you are searching for.

2. We have information on users, like Civic_Princess, xxsheryxx, pinkstardust, and so many more too.

3. The admins here are extra-friendly, so if you're new or have any questions, please feel free to visit their Wikia user pages and leave a message or comment!

4. If you know anything about Fantage, feel free to create or edit a Fantage related page in this wiki. You can also delete bad pages if you have a reason, we appreciate it!

6. We are currently growing with our Events category, so it's easy to know about old events in Fantage!

7. This wiki is trying to be as safe as possible, so that is pretty good for you if you just visited this wiki.

8. We have 2 pages about the 2 foreign Fantage websites; Fantage Japan and Fantage Europe! You can read them to learn about these past gems!


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